Battle of Elizabeth City




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USN Casualties

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Fort Cobb








Confederate Casualties





Killed: 5

William C. Jackson

·  Acting Midshipman, CSS Ellis

·  Received mortal pistol wound while trying to swim ashore

·  Died at 10:15 p.m. aboard the USS Hetzel

·  Buried at Fort Cobb

Levy Ballance

·  Ordinary Seaman, CSS Sea Bird

·  Killed by premature explosion of a shell

William Bragg

·    Seaman, CSS Sea Bird

·   Wounded severely by premature explosion of a shell

·   Put ashore 12 Feb. 1862

·   Died from the effect of his wounds


·   Seaman, CSS Ellis

William Nelson

·   Landsman, CSS Fanny

·   Died 14 July 1862 at Bayside Plantation from his wounds

·   From Charleston, SC


Wounded: 7

James W. Cooke


·  Lieutenant Commanding, CSS Ellis

·  Pistol wound in arm; bayonet wound in leg


William Walker

·  Seaman, CSS Ellis

·  Wounded while trying to swim ashore

J. J. Henderson

·  Third Assistant Engineer, CSS Sea Bird



·  Seaman, CSS Sea Bird


Samuel Merrill

·  Ship’s Steward, CSS Sea Bird

Alonzo Muddling (Maudling)

·  Boatswain’s Mate, CSS Sea Bird

·  Wounded slightly in arm

Robert H. Hooker

·  Wounded while manning Fort Cobb

·  Regained his health; left Bayside Plantation 17 April 1862

·  From Baltimore, MD