Report of Acting Master Graves

        U. S. Navy, commanding U. S. S. John L. Lockwood.

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Elizabeth City, N C,

February 12, 1862.


SIR: I have the honor to forward the following report of the action at Elizabeth City on the 10th instant:

At 9 a.m. engaged the enemy, directing my fire upon their armed schooner until her crew deserted her, when I hauled across the river toward the Fanny, firing shrapnel and volleys of musketry. The enemy took to their boats (after setting fire to their vessel) and retreated under a heavy fire. I boarded as soon as possible with my boats, but found the fire too much spread to subdue, Succeeded in capturing 20 stand of arms. Received a shot through our smokestack and had our boat's davit unshipped by a spent shot. No one injured. Officers and men behaved nobly. Expended 8 rounds of 80-pounder ammunition, 4 rounds of howitzer ammunition, 50 rounds of buck and ball ammunition.

  Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Acting Master, Commanding.


Commander S. C. ROWAN,

Commanding Naval Division


Navy Official Records

Series I, Volume 6

Atlantic Blockading Squadron

From October 29, 1861, to March 8, 1862.

pg. 618